"When I see the finished gourd vessel I visualize my smile similar to the smile our creator must have when seeing his work of art in his ceations"

I have a passion for creating beauty. It has taken me in different directions ove the years and has brought me full circle with my gourd art. I spent my entire life living in Minnesota and never heard of gourd art! When I retired and moved to Arizona, I was looking for a way to visualize the feelings I have for the desert, it's beautiful sunsets and the cultures who have thrived here. When I first met artists working with this media and realized there were many gourds growing in this area, I was soon part of this great group of gourd artists.

What fun we have. With their help I have discovered the beauty of transforming a dirty moldy gourd into a beautiful piece of art. Gourds have continued to fascinate me and puts a smile on my face every time I finish one.

Please take a few minutes and let me share some of my pieces with you. Perhaps they will inspire you to purchase one or ask about doing a special gourd for you through a commission. E-mail me and we can make a plan of action.

Leather Tooled horse Wall Hanging


1st Place ribbon at Gold Rush Days Art Show in Wickenburg,AZ.

Gourds Showing in a Gallery