"When I see the finished gourd vessel I visualize my smile similar to thesmile our creator must have when seeing his work of art in his ceations"

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To purchase any of these gourds just e-mail me the title and I can price it for you and arrange for delivery.

turtle vessel with the led

caved out as the turtle. Quite nice for an end table. 3x9
Size 15x15
back of gourd 2
This large 13x13 vessel is stunning with cactus wrens carved into the front in a three dimensional view.
Large 12x11 vessel with a sand wave to the side pattern in alcohol dye and filigreed pattern around the side and back of this lovely gourd
Back of large vessel
A leather tooled flower vase with small gourds in the arrangement. Size 12x8
This is a tall vase with sea creatures all around. Size 18x7  
Small filigree bowl on iron stand. Six inches high
12x12 bowl with filigree top and the cover raised above.
11 by 11 carved canteen gourd undercut with cactus fiber inlay.
Small vase on 16 inch high African stand
18 inch tall vase with small gourd flowers in the arrangement.
Large 8x 14 bowl with side sand wave and lovely flowers etched in gold leaf with hummingbird . Backside and interior of the same gourd  
Cactus lace fiber is inlayed around the outside rim covered with gold leaf. 7 1/2 x 11 shallow bowl center piece. Flowers and hummingbirds are the design.  
  Vessel with carved hummingbirds and flowers encased with filigree. Natural stains with black and white accents .