"When I see the finished gourd vessel I visualize my smile similar to the smile our creator must have when seeing his work of art in his ceations"

Gourds Showing in a Gallery

Here are some of my gourds that have found an admirer and a home. Hopefully these might inspire you to commission me to create a gourd just for you!

Black and White Kokopeli
Butterfly Vase
Large bowl with carved turtle and cactus inlay
Wave Gourd with Feather

Faux basket weaved vase with inlays

Hummingbird Within Wave
Story Teller
Tall gourd with kachinas
Dream Catcher Gourd
Tall African Doll
Blue flower Tooling
Turtle with cactus lace inlay
Iron stand with five southwest gourd p0ts. Large Hummingbird Suspended Dragonfly  
Gourd vase with cactus fiber inset and filigree around the front.
African Lady
Gourd vase on iron stand